I’ve moved!

I’ve moved! Not literally – I’m still designing and building beautiful gardens , still inspecting gardensĀ  for the National Gardens … More

Swamp to Sanctuary

” Hi , it’s Mike, Content Editor, from Granada TV. Is there any chance we could film you live tonight … More

Lakeside Meandering

We’ve just come back from a little unplanned holiday in the Lake District where amazingly (and uncharacteristically, I might add) … More

Passing the Test

I’ve just come back from one of my hour long garden consultations, where I’ve been trying to persuade the owner … More

Open Gardens

” I can do you a Lemon Drizzle cake if you like?” These words are like heaven to my ears … More

Park Hall Paradise

“Can’t we go to Park Hall Gardens? Pleeeeease? It’s the best private garden I’ve been to in years!” This was … More

Putting on a Side Show.

Do you have a shameful secret? Something you’d rather keep hidden? I am, of course talking horticulturally here…. what ever … More

Wintery Wonders

I don’t know about you, but it’s seemed such a long winter season this year, but at last there are … More

Lessons from Gresgarth

Visiting gardens in flaming June is all very well. You know the score……the air is heady with the scent of … More

Bluebell Cottage Bliss

“How is it that all these great gardeners are whippet thin?” asked Enid tucking into a large slice of Lemon … More