I’ve moved!

I’ve moved! Not literally – I’m still designing and building beautiful gardens , still inspecting gardensĀ  for the National Gardens … More

New Year, New Gardens.

Well, it’s certainly been a while since I last posted, (as many of you have reminded me!) but it’s largely … More

Starting from Scratch

I thought it might be quite interesting to show how I go about designing a garden from scratch. This one … More

Small and Elegant

I do like small gardens, even those tiny backyards that come with a terraced house. The subject is top of … More

Small is Beautiful

I do like a small garden- there’s nothing like it for concentrating the mind and paring things down to what … More

On reflection

When we first moved into our wreck of a house, the end of the garden was dark and gloomy, overshadowed … More

Planting not Paving

Margery Fish is my absolute gardening heroine. She almost single-handedly invented cottage gardening which, as many of you know, is … More

Full Frontal Gardens

“People’s backyards are much more interesting than their front gardens” said the poet John Betjeman. And generally, I do have … More

Cool and Contemporary

Sometimes the brief is very simple, and this was one of those cases. “We’d like it to look like a … More