Open Gardens

” I can do you a Lemon Drizzle cake if you like?” These words are like heaven to my ears … More

Park Hall Paradise

“Can’t we go to Park Hall Gardens? Pleeeeease? It’s the best private garden I’ve been to in years!” This was … More

Titivating for Mr.T

It’s been all excitement here since we knew that Mr. Titchmarsh was coming to film the garden next week, tinged, … More

Titchmarsh ready!

Well what an exciting few days it’s been -we’re going to be on TV with Alan Titchmarsh! First we had … More

Holy Grail of Flower Power

I’ve just come back from visiting potential clients who announced that they¬†didn’t “like the colour green” (I could feel a … More

Gossipy Gardeners

Wasn’t today brilliant? Sunny and breezy and all the trees in blossom. I spent this afternoon at a favourite plant … More

Putting on a Side Show.

Do you have a shameful secret? Something you’d rather keep hidden? I am, of course talking horticulturally here…. what ever … More