The Fruity Gardener Revealed


Anne Britt has been working as a garden designer for almost twenty-five years, primarily in and around Manchester and Cheshire. Passionate about plants, particularly roses and the old cottage garden perennials, she is known for creating beautiful English Country gardens, both large and small.

Anne is also Assistant County Organiser for the National Gardens Scheme in Lancashire, sourcing and inspecting gardens for inclusion, whilst opening her own in June each year as part of a group. “You’re brave! Allowing yourself to be judged” was one comment.

From around her kitchen table, Anne offers 10-week courses in design, planting and the salacious side of garden history, as well as doing talks on designing gardens to W.I groups.

Whilst her own plot is not large, it is packed with interesting plants suited to both sun and shade, has a pond complete with jetty and pretty summerhouse, and an oak pergola dripping with scented roses and clematis.

“It’s my little sanctuary, as all gardens should be,” says Anne. “I like nothing better than pottering about and smelling the roses. There should always be time for that.”