Sitting Comfortably?

DSCN3646My TV debut with Alan Titchmarsh won’t be on this coming Wednesday, as I had previously been told by Oliver Hyphen-Hyphen-it appears we’ve been bumped off by the football. Imagine! Instead, it’ll be on next Wednesday, 5 July at 8 PM on ITV .So, I decided to watch the first episode of ‘Love Your Garden’ with my friend Ann (just to “get our eye in” and know what to expect) and we were horrified, yes HORRIFIED, to see that the feature ‘expert’ garden featured for less than two minutes in an hour-long programme. Two minutes! Is that what six hours of filming, a new outfit and hours of garden titivation will come to – two measly minutes?! I had planned a Prosecco Party viewing with my various lovely helpers but now I think I’ll be hiding behind the sofa in embarrassment, barely able to watch…….DSCN3676


It did get me thinking though, about Alan Titchmarsh, and all the things he’d said (and which will clearly not feature now!), One of which was “I don’t ever get to sit in the garden. I sit down and a few seconds later, I see something that needs doing, so I’m up again, reaching the secateurs.”

Well, all I can say is that that is definitely not me! I LOVE sitting down, both inside and out – in fact, I’m writing this sitting up in bed on a dull Sunday morning . So, when I planned the garden, I planned in lots of sitting down places – both official and unofficial. I suppose the thing that they’ve all got in common is that they’re private, each offers a different view of the garden and surrounding landscape, and they all have interesting and/or perfumed planting nearby, acting like commas in a sentence, causing me to pause as I walk around.

Here’s a little tour of them:

The back door step – great for the view down the garden.DSCN3670

The kitchen cast iron bench – I’ve replaced my wooden benches  with cast-iron as they will last a lifetime and are actually very comfortable as well as looking great.DSCN3669

And it faces a nice view too:DSCN3641

The outdoor kitchen table and benches are an old Bier Keller set that I got from a vintage fair, painted them green and then got a sheet of zinc from a Liverpool foundry  with which to cover the top. The zinc surface makes it ideal for both eating and potting up plants on. The only downside is that the sharp edges stick out lethally on the corners so my hubby, Mr Bodge-It, has put black stickey tape on them!DSCN3644DSCN3661DSCN3675

And it too, faces a nice view:DSCN3674

The shady bench – always in shade, it’s private and peaceful and painted cast iron.

The Vita seat – I’m turning this into a hedge armchair. The seat is a piece of oak on bricks. It’s tilted because we’re no good at DIY, but it’s very peaceful here in this woody spot by the pond.DSCN3657

The summerhouse – the most private space of all. We like sitting here with the door open and listening to the pond trickling away. Mr. Fruity Gardener also likes to hide in here when he thinks I might have a job for him to do…..DSCN3660DSCN3650

The hot table and bench. So called because it gets the evening sun. You can also watch bats flying overhead as dusk falls. I changed the planting here last year so that now it faces much more prettiness, with roses geraniums and delphiniums and of course my Reflective Pool. No, Mark, it’s not a blinking bird bath!

DSCN3652DSCN3667So that’s it – loads of seats to tempt me out into the garden so that I can spend time soaking up all the loveliness that is around me, especially in summer. And I fully intend sitting on them and not getting up!DSCN3656


  1. Hi Anne,love reading your blog,your humour,and your inspirational tips and pics,Unfortunately I was away for the NGS Didsbury open day and missed seeing your garden for real(I came last year and you kindly allowed me to use your loo–loved the wallpaper!Will you be opening it again this year?-the garden not the loo Made a note in my diary to not miss your tele appearance!!!!!


  2. Hi Anne, I’ve learnt such a lot from your teaching and wonderful example, so loads of us out here are your disciples, Mr T or not! I visited Waterperry yesterday, remembering your stories of Miss H. Looking forward to 5th July, however many minutes we see!
    Maggie x


  3. Hi Anne

    We watched the first ‘love your garden’ and thought the same as you. BUT, & a big BUT, there was a big build up to the life of the triple amputee, so there wasn’t a lot of spare time to talk to the owner Dr ( foreign name)!!? So I am convinced there will be more time to feature you and your garden. Trust!!! Cause it will be a shame if you’re not!

    Love Marion xx


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