Busy, busy, busy…..

IMG_20160806_143544 (2)Hello everyone! There won’t be a full blog post this week because we’re opening our garden for the National Gardens Scheme on Sunday  11th(tomorrow!) and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get it looking good, do my day job and keep the rest of the show on the road. I’m sure you all have weeks like this? So, as I’ve been gardening in the rain ( or moving mud around, depending on your point of view),  and look and feel very bedraggled, AND still have to make four Lemon Drizzle cakes, I think the most sensible thing to do right now might be to sit down and have a nice glass of Prosecco?

If you live near you can visit 6 gardens here in Didsbury Village- tickets £6 on the gate from 68  Brooklawn Drive, M20 3GZ.DSC_0044 (2)

Normal blog posts resume next week.IMG_2842 copy

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  1. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow – whatever the weather – as your pal Alan would say 🙂 Maggie


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