Titivating for Mr.T

DSCN2940It’s been all excitement here since we knew that Mr. Titchmarsh was coming to film the garden next week, tinged, I have to admit, with a heck of a lot of anxiety. What if it’s raining? What if nothing is in flower? Will all my blossom be over? Will Alan ( I feel I can call Mr. Titchmarsh ‘Alan’ as we are, I’m sure, about to become best friends…) , will he even like it? Should I buy more plants just to make sure? Well, I’m sure you can guess the answer to that last question……..DSCN2937

So here is some of my latest plant haul lined up by the zinc table waiting to be either potted on or planted out. I’ve got some gorgeous white aquilegias ( apparently I can’t use Latin names on ITV- they don’t like it) so I’ll say that again…I’ve got some lovely white granny’s bonnets, just the ordinary ones, but very good in a semi shady border as the sharp white really stands out:DSCN2914

We also got a few more Auriculas ( not sure if there’s a common name for them) as the producer wants to feature our Auricula theatre:DSCN2913DSCN2920

The theatre ( or old rotting shelving unit) was in a sorry state so I needed to paint it black to spruce it up. The only paint I had was a large tin of very expensive Pitch Black by Farrow and Ball, so I gulped, and  used the whole blinking tin on it. I hope  it looks good on the telly after all that I thought. We’ll fill each cubbyhole with plants in terracotta pots when we’ve potted them on. Whilst I was at it I painted the bench in Plummet:DSCN2923

But back to plants- I’ve got some Waterfall Begonias to plant in a shady wall basket- amazing to think that these vivid blooms actually like the shade but they really do. So my advice is to buy begonias for shade, especially the cascading ones:DSCN2909

I also couldn’t resist this container which I’ll fill with something with small ethereal flowers, maybe a little pink diascia trailing down? I love anything slightly rusty, don’y you?


The early roses are beginning to flower which is good- Canary Bird and Rosa Banksiae Lutea:DSCN2925


But the alliums are still tight in bud. Perhaps I should get a warm hairdryer on them to force them open like they do at Chelsea Flower Show….DSCN2924

But some things are opening too fast like these gorgeous parrot tulips- perhaps I should put them in a giant fridge to hold them back?!DSCN2912

Oh well, we’ve done what we can, right down to changing the garden candles for new ones and Mr. fruitygardener cutting more logs to make a sculptural looking log pile:DSCN2939DSCN2919DSCN2936

So , we’re nearly ready for Alan, I hope- let’s just hope it doesn’t rain. I’ll let you know how we get on next week. Wish us luck!


  1. Definitely wishing you luck. Mr T can’t fail to be bowled over with all of it. Looking forward to seeing the programme in due course! Maggie


  2. Dear Anne,

    It will look splendid! And I thought opening for Chorlton Open Gardens was stressful, that’s nothing compared with being on the telly with Alan.

    All good wishes for the filming.

    Isabel >


  3. I love your garden, I love that you’re twitter pated, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you’re lucky (and good) enough to have Alan Titchmarch coming to call.


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