Titchmarsh ready!

DSCN2878Well what an exciting few days it’s been -we’re going to be on TV with Alan Titchmarsh! First we had a phone call from a very nice young man from the production company (he had a hyphenated name, as in Ponsonby-Merryweather. I think you have to be hyphenated to get into tv?) asking if a producer could come and visit that day ( yes, that very day!!!!!) to see our cottage garden with a view to Alan ( yes, the tv gardener Alan Titchmarsh) using it as his ‘expert garden’ .

DSCN2859Well, the garden was in a complete state as we’d barely touched it over winter so we told a bit of a porky pie and said we were busy that day and could they come tomorrow? That gave us 8 hours to get the garden Titchmarsh ready- yes, only 8 hours! So we pruned, clipped, swept, laid more gravel and chipped bark, planted, watered and then finished 20 minutes before the producer was due to arrive. Mr fruitygardener collapsed in a heap into a chair, covered in mud with twigs in his hair and ripped trousers. ” What are you doing?!” I screeched at him. “Resting” he said. ” You can’t rest and look like that! You’ve got to wash and change! We’ve got to be Titchmarsh ready!” DSCN2813

The lovely producer man came and I’m happy to say he liked the garden – and he liked our dog Ted too apparently and might film him – just imagine if he does…… from being abandoned on the streets of Romania to starring on prime time tv!

Anyhow, here are a few photos of how the garden is looking now. I’ll keep you posted on future developments.

The parting shot from Mr. Ponsonby-Merryweather was “Oh, and I presume you’ll want to titivate the garden a bit before we film?…….DSCN2899DSCN2838DSCN2794DSCN2844DSCN2848DSCN2855







  1. Hi Anne,
    I do love reading your blogs. I’m delighted that your beautiful garden is getting aired on main stream telly. Congratulations. I thought Mr P-W was a bit cheeky though! Doesn’t he recognise quality when he sees it? Please keep us posted as to when we might tune in to watch.
    Maggie (Ricketts)

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  2. Wow exciting stuff Anne!–well deserved!i visited your garden last year —as part of NGS— and you kindly let me use your loo—- loved the wallpaper!!!!Your gave me details re your blog and I so enjoy reading it—love your humour.I would love to be a Friday morning groupie,and maybe ‘one day’.very best wishes

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  3. Hello Anne! Your garden looks as beautiful and amazing as ever.! Even more so than I remember. I love it! Your account of frantic preparation made me laugh. I hope you told cheeky young Mr P-M to bu____off. Titivate the garden indeed! …..Alan loves your style of garden. It’s absolutely perfect!
    Hope you and family including your very own Romanian refugee, Ted, are all well.
    Best wishes,
    Anne Coghlan

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