Invitation to a Flower Opening

It could only happen in Didsbury………..

We were invited to a flower opening. Yes really! It was an urgent phone call- this most important annual event was imminent. Apparently the buds of Epiphyllum oxypetalum were showing every sign of opening within the next few hours so would we like to come and witness this remarkable event? Of course we would!

We hightailed it round to the lovely Margaret and Derek Crowther’s conservatory- a beautiful structure :DSCN1529.JPGDSCN1541.JPG

And there she was, all the way from the tropical rainforests of Central and South America- Epiphyllum oxypetalum:DSCN1525.JPGDSCN1523.JPG

The flowers were still in bud but their scent was becoming more powerful as the petals seemed to unfurl before our eyes- just compare the previous photo with the one below, taken just 30 minutes apart:DSCN1548.JPG

We took our glasses of Prosecco and Margaret very kindly showed me some of her weavings which are displayed throughout the house- Margaret Crowther is a celebrated weaver and textile artist , as you can see from these examples- notice the weaver bird nests in the top left-stunning work:

Every room was a delight with not only her own work on display but also that of other artists too. Here are more of Margaret’s weavings:

I think these heads were my favourites:

We kept popping back into the conservatory to monitor progress  of the buds opening. ‘Queen of the Night’ is the common name for this gorgeous member of the cactus family because she struts her stuff for just one night only- just like the diva that she is- and then the flowers die within an hour of sunrise. Just enough time for night flying bats and the sphinx moth to pollinate them .

And those flowers, and that scent! She certainly is ‘Queen of the Night’ and what a privilege to witness her glorious opening night.DSCN1540.JPG

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