Garden Visiting Season


It’s that wonderful time of year again for all nosey parkers like me. Yes, it’s garden visiting season! When gates are flung open, and the secret gardens they have protected from public view all year are generously opened to you and me.


This garden is Moor Cottage belonging to the lovely Bill and Judith . It’s a Georgian House with a sprawling but gorgeous garden tucked away in the middle of the busy village centre.



Here is Bill who is the perfect combination of garden host- charming, knowledgeable and slightly eccentric.



Everywhere you look there are little delights from this lovely combination of Ballerina tulips mixed with wallflowers


Two tiny hidden courtyards where tall echiums reach for the sky over a sea of cool white tulips.


Tulipa Spring Green has a splash of lime and doesn’t mind a bit of dappled shade, its luminescent white lighting up the gloom…


An auricula theatre beautifully displayed. I tried this for a few years but found them too difficult to keep. Then I discovered that it was .pesky vine weevils that were eating the plant roots, just as they do with Heucheras. I tried watering the pots with a biological control, which did work but was too pricey. Now I content myself with sniffing their amazing scent in other people’s gardens.


Everywhere you look there are little entrances leading you on to other  unexpected delights



And then back to the lovely Judith for tea, cake and courgette muffins- it wouldn’t be a garden visit without them.



Moor Cottage will be open again on 19th June- details from


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